Crossfire magazine

Crossfire 97 (December 2012)

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This Issue Contains:-


France and Southern Confederacy (1861-1865)


Powers Hill - Why Little Round Top was not that decisive


Commemoration of the 20th Maine and the Gettysburg campaign Ė some mysteries resolved


Kennesaw Mountain


Cricketer and American Civil War Soldier


An Interview with Keith Poulter - Publisher of North & South Magazine


'The Nancy Harts' - Confederate fighting unit that hardly heard the sound of battle


Letter from Civil War Alabama - Streight-Forrest Raid & The Battle of Crooked Creek


CSS Alabama Crewman Henry Middleton Kernot


Firing Line - General Butlerís views



Editorial by

Greg Bayne


I do not need to remind you that Crossfire is a memberís journal. Sometimes I have to cajole or beg for articles from your good selves, and other times, I suffer from an embarrassment of riches. This issue has a mixture of really strong and interesting membersí contributions. Often I am surprised; Roger Blake digs out a snippet about cricket and Andrew Roberts muses on Powers Hill.


A chance email to our CHAB friends in Brussels led to a contact with Steve Sainlaude who has written on French diplomacy. Interesting stuff that builds on our European views on the Civil War. He very kindly sent me his two books; written in French of course, and I am slowly wading through them. I wish that I had taken French A Level not just O Level.


It is customary in the last issue of the year to let you know what I have been reading this year. I had a surplus of Tesco vouchers and bought a Kindle. It has been an interesting investment, and it has allowed me to buy some books that I would not have had access to or considered buying. Some of them are free as well! As a researcher, I have my doubts but overall it is something I would recommend.


Because of the 1862 theme next year I shall immerse myself in those tomes I have relating to that year. As ever, I shall let Bruce Catton set the scene, before I move onto the more modern interpretations. I shall of course follow the Army of the Potomac on a daily basis, those poor buggers have no idea what they are in for!