01/12/2011 - President's Report - December 2011

San Jacinto & Trent

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By Greg Bayne


Well it seems that you have to put up with me for another year. At the November meeting, members present voted in myself and the current committee for 2012. I am humbled at the support that was shown and the kind words spoken during the meeting and afterwards.



I joined the ACWRTUK over ten years ago. I believe my first lecture was on the Trent Crisis. At the time I never dreamed that ten years later I would be your President let alone writing this on the 150th anniversary of the Trent capture. Although the day was mostly a blur, I still remember the core of people that I had the pleasure to meet. A lot of people have come and gone during that time. Some have gone and come back. But our common bond keeps us going.


Overall we are in good shape. Membership is up, we are having some great lectures and Crossfire continues along its merry path.


Not that we are complacent. Oh no far from it. We are determined to build and remain true to our core values. 2012 will see a year where we have another great conference planned – in April – plus a series of strong lectures.


2012 sees the special anniversary of the launching of the CSS Alabama. Len Ellison kicks off with a lecture on January 21st. I am keen that the event does not go by without some commemoration.


However as I have said many times, the ACWRTUK does not “own” any civil War British sites or individuals, but it is our duty to make sure that the story is told truthfully without bias.


Best wishes to you all for 2012.