01/04/2012 - President's Report - April 2012

By Greg Bayne


In my role as President, I am often reminded of the simple generousity of people. At our April conference we will have in our raffle items donated to the RT by Ruth Wray, the widow of John Wray. We will also have some books donated to us from John Brewer from Cardiff whose father, Berkeley Brewer, was a lifelong civil war enthusiast. His only request is that we make a donation from the proceedsto a CW preservation project, preferably Gettysburg. I think we can manage that. We have also received a number of books from John Laskey, who has left Blighty and set up an encampment in Connecticut. Another set of books has been collected from another CW enthusiast in Essex. The piece de resistance has to be the two Sumter flags donated by Rick Hatcher. All these items will be at the April conference.



We have had a good start to the year. Len Ellison and Richard O’Sullivan enthralled us with the Alabama and 55th Virginia and after the summer we have two guest speakers from the US followed by Charles Priestley. All this plus our conference.


Talking of which, I have been harassing the Editor to get this issue out in time for the conference. It will save us a few quid in postage if we can get it out to the 80+ members present. He has been working quite hard and I guess if I see him at the bar I might just stand him one, but I believe that two mint juleps brings on a rendition of “The Battle Hymn of the Republic”. Caution is advised around him. Regardless of this hazard, I am really looking forward to a weekend of CW. 1862 is my favourite CW year. So many opportunities on both sides to land a crippling blow and so may failures.


There seems to be more media interest in the Civil War of late. Satellite TV is showing more programmes than ever (including the repeats) and the press is carrying more stories. If you come across any UK stories please let us know so that we can try to generate media interest.