01/06/2012 - President's report - Summer 2012

Whew! I am still in a bit of tizzy. The April conference (great wasn't it?) followed by the Field Trip (what goes on tour stays on tour) with a bit of Civil War Flora and Fauna by Kelby Ouchley tucked in between. Oh and the Olympics. Not bad, not bad at all.



We have two more lectures this year and then we enter our 60th anniversary year. We would like to commemorate this event as we did with our 50th. Although I have been involved with the ACWRTUK since 2000, I still am very sketchy on the origins so I invite our older members and ex-presidents and ex-committee members to send me a note or two about the "good ol days".


If you have any ideas about how we can make 2013 that bit more special then please let me or your favourite committee member know. We are already planning a new tie and possibly some medallions. We have our 1863 conference scheduled in for late July and we have at least 5 more lectures to fill. We have some speaker offers out in the ether but if you have a speaker contact or would like to speak yourself then please let us know. We would also like to organise some other events to get some valuable PR. Ideas please.


Anyway back to business. On the field trip Charles Rees regaled us with the intrigues of the 14th and 15th century and I kept thinking how history was constantly being rewritten and revaluated. I am still not over impressed with the 150th celebrations in the US. I may have been distracted, but it appears that nothing special is happening anywhere. The annual re-enactments appear to come and go without any major impact nationally. Perhaps I am wrong; I haven't been to the US for a while. Is there a feeling that if we shout too loud, we might get told off? The Civil war was a bloody and horrific affair, but it happened. We can debate the rights and wrongs and analyse the ground on which events took place, but we should not deny or let the attitudes prevailing today to cloud the judgements of our forefathers.


Until next time keep thinking about and enjoy the rich tapestry of the American Civil War.