01/04/2013 - President's Report - Spring 2013

By Greg Bayne


Well we have at last made a start to the New Year. Bad weather meant that David Gleeson was cancelled and I got my wires crossed very badly with Amanda Foreman. Hopefully both will be able to entertain us in the near future. But thanks to Basil Larkins who entertained us with Longstreetís post war career and Jeremy Mindell who brought Freemasonary to the battlefield and dispelled a rumour or two. I felt very guilty and stepped up myself to talk about Robert Milroy who I decided was a man who could have made more of things if he wasnít a Democrat, didnít go to West Point, worked under a few rubbish generals, argued with his bosses, was a bit of a barsteward when he was in charge at Winchester and oh yes, lost his division in June 1863. Still that was pretty normal for any up and coming officers in the Eastern Theatre.

Like you I am pretty fed up with the weather and I am trying to shake off a virus that has laid me low over the Easter break. However from the gloom I got an email from Bill Simons from Southampton who asked me if I knew anything about an ancestor of his, William Blazey who served with the 1st Regiment Connecticut Artillery. Naturally I was on it quickly and dug up what I could but passed the details onto our Veterans Grave expert Michael Hammerson. A flurry of emails ensued and Bill produced a roster of Union London veterans from 1910 that we had not seen before. The list appears in this issue. Blazey is buried in Bexleyheath Cemetery. If you can add to this rich vein of CW history, please let us know.


I am looking forward to the May meeting with John Coski from the Museum of the Confederacy. I am sure that some of you will know him from you visits to the MOC. John has provided me with sound advice and guidance in the past and I hope that you be able to join us. John will give an overview the Museums Person of the Year Programme and will fittingly focus on the 1863 debate. We will have the chance to debate the candidates ourselves.


We have also been putting the final touches to the conference programme in July. If you havenít booked then you need to.


We have received a quantity of ACWRT UK ties and we are offering these at the princely sum of £20 (which includes P&P if you canít wait). At the moment these can be ordered through my good self, and I will bring some along to the May meeting. They are very good at keeping trousers up.