01/08/2013 - President's Report - August 2013

I knew it would work. I am still not sure why I had any doubts. From that first moment of the conference to the last we were mesmerised by the events of 1864. Yes we were pretty sure what Joe Whitehorne, Jeremy Mindell and John D-Z would deliver. But Parker Hills? Who he? Well he certainly is a man who knows his stuff and through his unique style and presentation he kept us all on our toes. Absolutely brilliant stuff. The bar gets set higher and higher and it was a shame that it had to end because he could have kept going into Sunday night. Thanks to the team; Peter, Derek, lain and Sandra for the behind the scenes work. These events do not just happen, it involves months of preparation. Mark 4-6 April 2014 in your diary now. Also mark June 20-23 2014 which will be the annual field trip. We took little persuading in going for Cherbourg to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the Alabama V Kearsarge battle. We will also include some WW2 as we renew our on-going interest in the "Blue and Grey" division as we cover the battles in and around the Cotentin peninsula and St Lo. I was pleased with the amount of "well done" and "thank you" notes from the conference, particularly from newer members. I had never noticed my transition from "raw recruit" to "veteran" and it is comforting to see how some of our newer members are finding their voice. This was also clearly seen in the "Person of the Year" debate with John Coski. Fact, figures, and opinions fly around the room and it is all taken in good spirit and humour If only we could bottle it, we would make a fortune. Until next time