01/12/2013 - President's Report - December 2013

This time of year is always a humbling experience for me. I have to reflect on the yer gone by and charge ourselves for the year ahead. It was gratifying that the membership showed their appreciation at the AGM to myself and the current Committee by unanimously re-electing us to serve for 2014. We hope to match the expectations placed upon us.



Our goals are simply to discuss, debate and expand our knowledge of the American Civil War. On that front I think that if you allow for the problems at the start of the year, we have done a pretty good job. Add the comfortable ambiance of the Civil Service Club and we are still on track. We are looking for a better audio visual experience and we will have a problem with any more than 70 at a meeting but these are all being worked on by the Committee.


The only glitch was a loss on the Annual Conference. Costs were higher than we budgeted and we did nit get the level of sponsorship anticipated. We accept responsibility for this and have set up a clearer accountability and reporting structure to keep us informed of any problems. I do not wish the months away, but April 2014 at the De Vere in Ascot should continue our high standards.


Finally we are looking for new ideas on membership. We will be making an effort to introduce ourselves to universities and colleges in a bigger way. Watch this space.


May I wish you all the best for the rest of the year and hope you will enjoy what we have to offer in 2014. It should be good.