01/06/2014 - President's Report - Summer 2014

From Crossfire Magazine - Summer 2014


By Greg Bayne


Well we did it again. A brilliant annual conference weekend at Ascot with Frank O'Reilly and Steve Davis very ably supported by our very own team. I was worried about it of course, but it came together quite nicely. What I really appreciate is the depth of enthusiasm and knowledge that you all have. I sat back on the Friday night in the bar contemplating the few days ahead. In one corner were a few members discussing Sherman's total war concepts, in another (no prizes here!) worrying whether West Ham were going to stay up and another were doing their utmost (and succeeding) to make Steve Davis welcome. Everything was set fair for a great weekend.



What did we learn? War is Hell and Sherman was the delivery man, provided you lived within the swathe of his line of march. Otherwise your hogs might have just about been alright. Frank O'Reilly made us rightly see that Grant missed opportunity after opportunity to deliver a decisive blow. Or was it Lee's famous defensive qualities? Overall we firmly believed that Lincolns re-election was a closer run thing than is commonly thought and victories at Atlanta and Cedar Creek plus some clever manipulating of the soldier vote allowed Lincoln to oversee the final victory. Roll on 2015. The RT has just returned from the annual field trip. Planned to coincide with the 150th anniversary of the Alabama v Kearsarge battle, we were ably led by tour guides Charles Priestley and Derek Young. We will be going to Waterloo next year.


We have two meetings left for this year. Gail Stephens in September and a selection of members mini-talks plus the AGM in November. I am putting the schedule together for 2015. If you would like to step forward to talk, please let me know.