Cedar Creek Battlefield Preservation

by Peter Lockwood


Peter Lockwood with Suzanne Lewis, the Director at Cedar Creek, 1999


The Cedar Creek battlefield in Virginia's Shenandoah Valley has been preserved for future generations by the efforts of many good souls who have seen that the only way of preventing development of these historical sites is their wholesale purchase. Sadly, this has not, and will not always prove to be possible. It is, I feel, the duty of all of us who care, to make the best of any opportunity to maximize the potential of the remaining untouched battlefields for the sake of ourselves, and much more importantly, for our children and their children. It will be a damning indictment if we do not.



To this end, the American Civil War Round Table in the UK has donated a sum to enable the first interpretive marker board to be located at the Heater House, to help visitors understand the importance of what occurred at that house. It is intended that we raise enough for the first information board to be placed entirely at the cost of our organization. We are proud to be able to help.


The Round Table has raised the money through a series of raffles at our bi-monthly meetings, and shall continue to do so until the target of $1200 is achieved. I hope you can join us in the study of the war at one of our meetings. I hope you can help us to preserve the past; for the future.