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Heritage and News - December 2013

Earlier this year, a Nubian Jak Heritage Plaque was unveiled to Frederick Douglass. It was placed on the site of George Thompson's house, an English MP and abolitionist who invited Douglass to stay at his house while they both lectured against American slavery in London. You can find it at 5 Whitehead's Grove, South Kensington. Thanks to Hannah Murray for bringing this to our attention. We can add this to our list of ACW sites.

ACWRT(UK) Preservation Projects

It is an ACWRTUK procedure to ask members to submit ideas for preservation projects both in the UK and in the US. Normally this is straightforward and the project will get listed in Crossfire to keep the membership informed and to discuss if required. Sometimes for smaller sums we may have to act quicker than publication dates allow but we remain accountable nevertheless. Here are the projects we are currently fundraising for:

1) $500 to Longstreet Society to purchase Piedmont Property (see Spring 2013 Crossfire)

2) $500 to replace signage at the Perryville Battlefield in conjunction with Len Reidel at the Blue and Grey Education Society.

3) $250 made to support Rosecrans Statue

4) Ongoing support for a Memorial plaque to British participants during the ACW

The BGES have contacted us asking for support for the Perryville battlefield. They are looking to replace and restore 14 signs and trail maps on the battlefield at a cost of $500. We have contacted them stating our intention to support them. In return, Kurt Holman, the Park manager, has promised us an exclusive article.


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