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Executive Committee - 2022

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Mike Somerville

I have been a member of the Round Table since 2011, and feel privileged to have been elected President in 2019. After a long career in Information Technology I retired in 2017 to allow more time to pursue my longstanding interest in history. I was awarded a doctorate in Military History from the University of Buckingham for my thesis on the influence of the American Civil War on the Victorian British Army, which has now been published as Bull Run to Boer War: How the American Civil War Changed the British Army by Helion books. My wife and I live in Wimbledon, South-West London.

Vice President
Peter Barrett

I reside in Bromley, Kent and have been a member of the Round Table for many years and am delighted to have been invited to serve on the committee.


Recently retired, I spent most of my career in the printing and publishing industry.

My main interest lies with the naval side of the Civil War and in 2007 I published my first book on the war at sea, Circle of Fire – the Story of the USS Susquehanna in the War of the Rebellion and earlier this year Farragut’s Captain – Percival Drayton: 1861-1865 was published.


I have also penned an article for the autumn 2020 issue of Civil War Navy History Magazine featuring the Battle of Port Royal, South Carolina; this will be followed by a further article for the magazine featuring the Civil War exploits of the side-wheel sloop USS Susquehanna.

Brendan Meehan

I was formerly an accountant in the financial services industry but am now thankfully liberated to pursue my interests in all things relating to military history and Leeds United.

Crossfire Editor
Greg Bayne

I have been a member of the ACWRTUK for over 20 years. In 2003 I became Crossfire Editor and Ihave allso had a 5 year stint as President. I am a great supporter of “B”-team Generals and have lectured on John Pope, Milroy, and Beauregard. I am a big fan of the Iron Brigade and will talk incessantly about the Mud March.

Vedette Editor/PR
Charles Rees

I became interested in The American Civil War in 1990 and in 1993 did my first self guided tour of the Eastern battlefields. In 1996 I attended the Civil War Institute at Gettysburg for the first time. I never dreamt I would go 20 times in all during which I listened to and met all the current great ACW speakers, artists and writers. Each time I extended the week with a new tour with friends and guides. In 1997 I joined the ACWRT(UK) and was President 2014-16. I am now fully retired but worked in the NHS, mostly as a GP, for 47 years. I have just completed a book, ‘the Life and Death of the family Doctor.’

Neil Morley

I have spent my working life in Sales and in various industries including Nuclear, Power Generation, Oil refining and Chemicals as well as others.

My interest specifically in the ACW was fired watching a Public Broadcasting Service TV programme, 'The American Civil War' by Ken & Rick Burns. I joined ACWRTUK a few years ago after realising that a mutual friend was a member. I do not have the encyclopaedic knowledge of most of the membership. I very much admire US Grant and William Tecumseh Sherman.

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Donations Secretary
Dave Bradley

I spent several decades in local government and have since been happily retired for just over two years. I have long been interested in history and my fascination for military began in childhood due to my father having fought in WW2.


I have been deeply interested in the American Civil War for a lot of years now and have been a member of the RT for a good six years and I have always been very impressed with our Round Table and was delighted to be accepted onto the comittee at the 2019 AGM.

darren rawlings.jpg
Social Media
Darren Rawlings

I first became interested in the American Civil War when I saw the movie Gettysburg back in 2004.  Two trips to the US followed, visiting Gettysburg, Fredericksburg, New Market and many other Civil War related sites. 

My interest went dormant for around ten years due to marriage, children and life, but in 2019 I joined UK re-enactment group, the 4th US Infantry Regt Co. K.

Unable to meet my re-enactor friends because of the Covid pandemic, in December 2020 I started my own Civil War Facebook page, YouTube channel and podcast, American Civil War & UK History.  Not long after I was contacted by the ACWRT UK and it was a no-brainer to become part of the Round Table.

I was voted on to the Committee at the 2021 AGM, which I hugely appreciate, and I’m looking forward to helping the Round Table in the coming year with my social media experience.


“The hen is the wisest of all the animal creation because she never cackles until after the egg has been laid.”

Abraham Lincoln

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