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Our Forthcoming Events

  • Dreams of Empire Shattered – The Baylor –Sibley Campaigns of 1861
    16 Jul, 13:00 – 15:00 BST
    By Zoom
    In keeping with our theme of the War in Trans Mississippi our July lecture focuses on the frequently neglected story of the campaigns led by John R Baylor and Henry Sibley in the spring of 1861 and the winter of 1862 across present day Texas, Arizona and New Mexico.
  • Programme of Events 2022
    London and Online
    London and Online, Great Scotland Yard, London SW1A 2HJ, UK
    Our 2022 Conference in May will be on 'War in the Trans-Mississippi' and we have a great programme to back it up, with talks both supporting our theme and adding variety. Join us in person or online.
  • 2022 Field Trip:  Sedan 1870-1940.  From £575
    4 day trip, 30 Sept-3 October 2022
    4 day trip, 30 Sept-3 October 2022
    Sedan, 08200 Sedan, France
    The French city of Sedan has been a critical battleground in three major wars. In 1870, its fall bought down Napoleon III, in 1914 it saw some of the bloodiest battles of WW1, and in 1940 it was the location for the Nazis greatest victory. Join us to find out why Sedan is such an important site.

“I can make a much better Brigadier in five minutes, but the horses cost a hundred and twenty-five dollars a piece."  

Abraham Lincoln