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Our invitation to you

Our Round Table comprises people from all walks of life who are interested in any or all aspects of the war, but who also care enough to contribute to the growing number of initiatives to preserve this heritage for future generations.


If after browsing our site you would like to join us we’d be very happy to enrol you, whatever colour you prefer!


"Jefferson Davis and other leaders of the South have made an army; they are making, it appears, a navy; and they have made what is more than either; they have made a nation"


W.E. Gladstone, Chancellor of the Exchequer, October 1862

Featured article

The London Confederates

by John D. Bennett


Called a "legend" by Amanda Foreman when she met him at her recent talk to the RT in November, it is worth a fresh look.


See full article.

Welcome to the website of the American Civil War Round Table (UK)

American Civil War Round Table UK

We’re a growing group of mostly British-based members, who get together and share information about all aspects of one of the greatest conflicts of the 19th century. You will also find here articles taken from our thrice yearly magazine ‘Crossfire’, that is free to members. If after browsing our site you would like to join us we’d be very happy to enrol you, whatever colour you prefer!


Our Round Table comprises people from all walks of life who are interested in any or all aspects of the war, but who also care enough to contribute to the growing number of initiatives to preserve this heritage for future generations. We meet frequently, mostly in London, to hear a wide variety of presentations on the war. Our speakers have included such published historians as Ed Bearss, Amanda Foreman and Gary Gallagher.


Why, you may wonder, with so much history of our own? Surprisingly, we are the first in the line of Civil War Round Tables set up in the 1950s - almost exlusively in the United States. We have maintained a natural affinity with events of the Civil War. With many of its participants hailing from these islands it is unsurprising that British viewpoints settled over this all-American affair. And both North and South - the Blue and the Grey - looked hopefully to Britain and its empire for signs of support: and warily for signs of hostility. The war sparked heated debate in a Britain that had set its moral face against slavery while supporting a new industrial age that included a cotton industry dependent upon Southern slaves.


Latest news


President's Report - Spring 2014


From Greg Bayne


From 'Crossfire', Spring 2014


What a great start to the year we have had! It was really interesting to hear Steve Foulston talk about Civil War Florida. It is certainly an overlooked area that needs more attention. Afterwards two more of our “newer” members came to me and offered to do lectures in the future. It is gratifying to know that our future is in safe hands.




This issue should (if the editor gets his act together) coincide with the April Conference. A new venue for us but the same trusted format. A tremendous amount of work goes into the annual conference and this year was no exception. Thanks to all the RT backroom staff and of course thanks to the members who are attending.


In this issue we are announcing our Essay Competition for UK University students.We have talked about this for a number of years and David Kilpatrick and Jeremy Mindell have put the scheme together for us. There are three cash prizes and we hope that it will attract some interest and more importantly, some new members. It will very much be a work in progress for this year but at least we have made a start.


Watch out for the May date change. UK professor and writer David Gleeson, who I met a few years ago, has agreed to talk to us about the Irish and the ACW. The date has changed to May 31st.


Forthcoming events


Meeting Dates for 2014


2014 Meeting Dates
January 18thSteven Foulston - The Civil War in Florida
March 1st Charles Rees- Gettysburg Day 3: A Reconsideration
April 4 - 6thAnnual Conference 2014 – 1864-Bullets & Ballots
May 31stDavid Gleeson - Irish Confederates in 1864
June 20 - 23rdField Trip - Cherbourg and St Lo
September 20thGail Stephens - Jubal Early's Raid
November 15thTBC

Preservation news


Preservation News - December 2013


Civil War London Plaque


click image to zoom

Earlier this year, a Nubian Jak Heritage Plaque was unveiled to Frederick Douglass. It was placed on the site of George Thompson's house, an English MP and abolitionist who invited Douglass to stay at his house while they both lectured against American slavery in London. You can find it at 5 Whitehead's Grove, South Kensington. Thanks to Hannah Murray for bringing this to our attention. We can add this to our list of ACW sites.


ACWRT(UK) Preservation Projects


It is an ACWRTUK procedure to ask members to submit ideas for preservation projects both in the UK and in the US. Normally this is straightforward and the project will get listed in Crossfire to keep the membership informed and to discuss if required. Sometimes for smaller sums we may have to act quicker than publication dates allow but we remain accountable nevertheless. Here are the projects we are currently fundraising for:


1) $500 to Longstreet Society to purchase Piedmont Property (see Spring 2013 Crossfire)


2) $500 to replace signage at the Perryville Battlefield in conjunction with Len Reidel at the Blue and Grey Education Society.


3) $250 made to support Rosecrans Statue www.rosecransheadquarters.org


4) Ongoing support for a Memorial plaque to British participants during the ACW www.acwbma.com


The BGES have contacted us asking for support for the Perryville battlefield. They are looking to replace and restore 14 signs and trail maps on the battlefield at a cost of $500. We have contacted them stating our intention to support them. In return, Kurt Holman, the Park manager, has promised us an exclusive article.




Book reviews


James D Bulloch: Secret Agent and Mastermind of the Confederate Navy


By Walter E Wilson & Gary L McKay


Review By Len Ellison


The authors have spent many hours meticulously researching this book and have completed a wonderful job. The book is a must have for anyone interested in the American Civil War. It not only describes Bulloch's connection with the Confederate Navy but his important connection with the 26th US President Theodore Roosevelt, (who called him Uncle Jimmy).





See full article

Battles and campaigns


A Sussex Bank Manager's Civil War


click image to zoom

In 1993, Round Table member Julian Nassau-Kennedy forwarded a transcript of a letter (1) penned by Henry George Hore, an Englishman. Hore's respectable (but to us much less interesting) career as manager of the Capital & Counties Bank in Chichester, Sussex, lay in the future, for the letter dated May 1863 was written on the move, while fighting alongside Union General John Sedgwick's VI Corps at the battle of Chancellorsville.


Since its repulse from Fredericksburg, Virginia, in December 1862, the Northern Army of the Potomac had been gathering strength for another push on the Southern capitol of Richmond. Now outnumbering General Lee's Southern army by 2:1, new Union Commander, Joseph Hooker, planned to move half his army around Lee and 'Stonewall' Jackson's forces, while the Union VI Corps under General John Sedgwick was to pin the Southerners against Fredericksburg. Hooker was sure this would give Lee and Jackson the stark choice of uncovering Fredericksburg or being outflanked.


See full article

UK Heritage


A Transatlantic Venture: Frederick Douglass in Britain 1845-47


By Hannah Murray


By 1861, former slave Frederick Douglass was internationally recognised as an abolitionist and powerful orator against American slavery. The Civil War thrust him further into the spotlight, and many of his speeches were published in Britain, including his famous "Negro Call to Arms" speech and "An Appeal to Great Britain." In this 1862 Appeal, Douglass implored Britain to denounce the Confederacy, and stand by her decision to destroy slavery the world over. He wrote, "have no fellowship I pray you, with these merciless menstealers but rather with whips of scorpions scourge them beyond the beneficent range of national brotherhood." This was not the first time Douglass had echoed these words.




See full article

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