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Merseyside and the Civil War - Reflections on 150 years of history - May 2015

The next meeting of the ACWRT will be held on Saturday 30th May 2015 commencing at 13:30 at:

The subject for the meeting will be:

Merseyside and the Civil War - Reflections on 150 years of history

The speaker will be Jerry Williams who is an honorary Vice President of the ACWRTUK.

This meeting should resonate strongly with us because it is part of our direct link with the ACW. We can debate for a long time the role that Britain played in the war and much of what happened here originated on Merseyside.

Jerry will bring us up to date with recent research and also reveal “warts and all” about what has gone right and what has gone wrong.

It is expected that the meeting will finish at around 16:30.

If you wish to attend this event, please complete and return this booking form by THURSDAY 22nd MAY 2015

You can support the ACWRT(UK) by entering the raffle and send this form back with your reservation by THURSDAY 22nd MAY 2015

A great deal has been written and discussed about the role American Civil War on Merseyside. Much of the information that has been brought to light has been through Jerry Williams and a dedicated band of researchers and historians that has been growing since the early 1980’s. What has gone right and what has gone wrong? With the “Last Flag Down” anniversary approaching is Merseyside ready to harness at last this major international heritage story? Do the events of 150 years ago still have a resonance in the area or are they just being allowed to wither on the vine?

Jerry will review this by retelling the events that occurred and give an up to date appraisal of what is happening. He will highlight the organisations and individuals who have achieved so much but also too, organisations, institutions and individuals that have failed to bring this story to international tourists. He will add to this the sad situation of people claiming "new stories" that are not new and were discovered years ago, most to them by ACWRT (UK) members. Visitors are now coming to Merseyside in large numbers and the ACW is an important part of the areas heritage.

Jerry is an honorary Vice President of the ACWRTUK. He is a stanch Labour man and up to May 7th he was a Labour councillor in Bebington (he may well still be one!). He is an avid distance runner and has run the London and Boston Marathons. He has an African Parrot that once flew away and ended up in the local zoo. When interviewed by BBC Radio 5 Jerry lamented that the parrot was probably fed up from not getting a word in edgeways!


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