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16 November 2019 AGM Minutes

Minutes Elections to Committee Nomination for President: Michael Somerville Current Members to be re-elected: Jim Carroll (VP), Brendan Meehan (Treasurer), Greg Bayne (Crossfire Editor), Charles Rees (Vedette/Publicity) New Members to be elected: Neil Morley (Webmaster), Peter Barrett, Dave Bradley (roles TBA) All three motions were carried unopposed. Donations Three donations of $500 each were approved to be given to: Shenandoah Valley Battlefield Trust for Piedmont Battlefield American Battlefield Trust for Perryville Battlefield Camp Letterman General Hospital site at Gettysburg Motion carried unopposed. Conference The title has been confirmed as “Gettysburg’s Forgotten Battles” and the dates for 24-26 April. Peter Lockwood of Old Country Tours has asked for deposits by end of November in order to confirm numbers to the venue. Officers reports Jim Carroll spoke on behalf of the President and Treasurer. Overall, the financial and membership position of the society is stable. Full accounts will be presented at the Conference in April 2020, as they were this year. Greg Bayne spoke on Crossfire which continues to be well received. Charles Rees thanked all those associated with Vedette , particularly Gillian Somerville for her assistance in proof-reading and formatting. Michael Somerville thanked those who had assisted in identifying speaker for our programme in 2019. Dates have been fixed for 2020 and speakers identified for January, March and July meetings. Field Trip 2019 The 2019 Field Trip to the Ardennes had been successful though numbers were down, possibly because the timing in August was inconvenient for some. In the past it has been traditional to present a small gift to the tour guide. The Committee agreed in their meeting that Jim White, who gave his guiding services gratis to this year's trip, should receive free membership in 2020 as a thank you. Field Trip 2020 It was proposed and agreed that the 2020 Field Trip should be to Sedan, on the 150th anniversary of the Franco-Prussian War battles there. An alternative trip based upon the Dunkirk campaign (80th Anniversary) was discussed, but did not have any support. A date of late September/early October was proposed.

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