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2022 Conference - Final Video Post Battle of Westport 23 October 1864

More videos on YouTube. See below for links.

The 2022 Conference was themed on the war in the Trans-Mississippi. This was felt to be a neglected part of the American Civil War as far as our Round Table was concerned. it proved to be a rich source of interest and as such was enjoyed by all who attended. Please view the sessions below and further presentations will be uploaded in due course.

The 2022 Conference received sponsorship from Arkansas Tourism and their website is here

Here is the link to the Ice Breaker Debate:

Here is the youtube link to Erick Bush's talk. Texas: The Civil War's Western Bastion.

Here is the youtube link to Dr Jeffrey Prushankin's talk on Edmund Kirby Smith and The Department of the Trans-Mississippi:

Here is the youtube link to Kyle Sinis's talk on General Samuel R Curtis in the Trans-Mississippi:

Erick Bush on 'Texas in the Civil War' at

And Dr Kevin Waite, 'The Lost Cause Goes West' at

The Battle of Honey Springs, Indian Territory, July 17 1863 at

Jeff Prushankin's talk on the Red River Campaign (March-May) 1864 is now available on our youtube channel. One of the most energetic introductions to a lecture you are ever likely to see! Here is the link

Kyle Sinisi concluded the 2022 conference presentations with his talk on the Battle of Westport 23 October 1864. his Lecture is now available on our Youtube channel and the link is:


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