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2023 Conference Videos - The Overland Campaign

The first of our conference videos is not Civil War related but a fascinating talk and walk nevertheless. Dr Helen Fry presented the Military History of Latimer House, the hotel in which the conference took place. an erudite presentation which is well worth a look. here is the link to our Youtube channel:

We are now pleased to provide the video of the first of our guest speakers talks. The Wilderness Campaign by Frank O'Reilly is now available on our Youtube channel. Enjoy.

Chris Mackowski's talk on the Battle of Spotsylvania from the 2023 Conference is now available on our Youtube channel. Many Members have raved about the presentation so well worth watching. Here s the link

The first talk at the Conference by a member of the Round Table was by Greg Bayne on the Battle of Samaria Church and may be viewed on our Youtuble channel at

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