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A River Unvexed by Jim Miles

Book Review by Dave Bradley

The book has the subtitle ' A history and tour guide for the Mississippi River' and that is precisely what the book is. It covers the entire Civil War as it relates to the most important by far natural feature in the war, the Mississippi River. It covers from basically from around the Cairo, Illinois area right down to New Orleans and the heads of passes.

As well as a fairly in depth look at all the battles and campaigns, there of lots of stories from the battlefield, pen pictures of the major participants and a lso detailed descriptions of the various types of craft that took part in the war.

On top of all this, various different driving tours are included. These give maps and route itineraries. However, and a great plus in my view, the author tells us descriptively what there is to see now and there are lots of photos of these places as they now look. This in my opinion, is a great book not just for it telling of history but also for all the info for people thinking or intending to visit some of the places mentioned.

The book was published in 1995, so obviously potential visitors would need to check if the info is still accurate, but other than that this book is very well worth reading.


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