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Book Review: River Run Red by Andrew Ward - The Fort Pillow Massacre in the Ameican Civil War

A Review by Dave Bradley

Following on from the debate on Fort Pillow, I have a book recommendation which I think people will find interesting.

This is an interesting and thought-provoking book and my impression is that the author has not only done a lot of research but that he has gone out of his way to give a fair and balanced view.

He spends quite a long time setting the scene for the battle, then on the battle itself and finally, the aftermath. This includes the investigation of Committee for the conduct of the war to get at the truth, or possibly, the truth they wanted to hear.

The author, Andrew Ward fully acknowledges that there are many contradictory reports and claims and where claims cannot be substantiated, he states what he thinks is likely, but makes it clear he is expressing an opinion, not a proven fact.

For anyone interested in Fort Pillow, as I imagine most of us are, I think this is a book worth reading.


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