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Members' Mini Lectures - Focusing on 1863

The theme for our annual conference is Advance and Retreat and to replace our scheduled meetings for January and March we have asked three members to give us their thoughts on some of the themes that caused some controversies in 1863.

Basil Larkin makes a very welcome return to the podium with his views on how James Longstreet is currently being thought of by the Civil War intelligencia. For many of us, Longstreet is either the great hero or the big zero with no room to manoeuvre between the two. Basil will confront some of the issues surrounding Lee’s “Old War Horse” with special emphasis on 1863.

Derek Young will present a paper on how the army of Northern Virginia managed to clash with the Army of the Potomac on “that” particular battlefield in July 1863. Was it a simple case of replacing their footwear? “Why Gettysburg” will prove it was much more than that.

Greg Bayne, our esteemed President, has long been a supporter of the underdog in the Civil War. His support of Beauregard has proven this many times. He will look at the career of one particular General who had opportunities for greatness, but had his career mercilessly taken away from him without the chance for redress. He has not told us who it is but he definitely has said it is not John Pope. Thank goodness for that.

We would also like to conduct a straw poll discussion on the new Lincoln film. What was your best bit? What was the worst bit? A small debate will start in the lecture room and will be concluded in the bar.

Admission: £8 with reservations made by 25 February 2013 - contact The Treasurer for further details. Admittance cannot be guaranteed without an advance reservation.

The Venue

The Civil Service Club is situated in Great Scotland Yard, near Trafalgar Square, Charing Cross railway station, Charing Cross Underground Station (Northern and Bakerloo lines), Embankment Underground Station (Circle and District, Northern and Bakerloo lines).

How to get to The Civil Service Club: click here for website.


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