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Storm of War - Book One: RANGER

Book Review by

Tim is an old friend of the RT and has helped some of our members with research on his ancestor Turner Ashby.

He writes a story set in the West Indies, 1796 and follows the life of Alexander Charteris - the mixed-race son of an aristocratic planter and a slave mother. He is tricked out of his inheritance by his cousin Pemberton, kidnapped and transported to the island of Grenada where he endures the hell of slavery on a sugar plantation.

When Pemberton arrives at the plantation, accompanied by Chart’s former lover, Lady Arabella, he orders Chart’s torture and execution.

A slave revolt ensues, before the order can be carried out. Chart initially joins the revolutionaries but is sentenced to death for refusing to take part in a massacre of British colonists. Aided by the beautiful daughter of the rebel general, Julian Fédon, Chart escapes. He is recruited into a new British unit called the Loyal Black Rangers and promised freedom if he fights against the French.

Chart confronts conflicting loyalties as he leads his men in vicious bush-fighting. He rises through the ranks and plays a pivotal role in the bloody battle that crushes the rebellion.


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