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THE CIVIL WAR: the Time/Life 28 volume complete history of the American Civil War

Almost all Civil War buffs will be aware of this amazing series and some will be familiar with some of the volumes but very few will have owned all, let alone read them. If they have they will know that each volume weighs in at 2lbs bringing the total stack to 56lb or half a hundred weight! The series was first published between 1983 and 1987. There were Time/Life editors and usually a specific editor for the volume. Each volume in the series was 176 pages in length, heavily illustrated with most of the classic photographs, and with pictorial essays on specific topics within each volume and came standard without a dust jacket. Each volume was bound in silvery-grey padded faux leather, the cover endowed with in deep blue printed text imprints, and heavily embossed with Civil War symbology with an oval shaped illustration glued on.

Each volume is divided up into five or six chapters and volume 28 gives a comprehensive master index. Thus, it starts with Brother against Brother and takes the reader right through to A Nation United. There can be few, if any, such comprehensive attempts at a disinterested chronicling of a whole war.


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