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The London Confederates

The Officials, Clergy, Businessmen and Journalists Who Backed the American South During the Civil War

by John D. Bennett

McFarland & Co Inc, Hardcover: 214 pp ISBN-10: ISBN-13: 978-0786430567 - Dimensions: 25.1 x 17.8 x 1.8 cm 0786430567

American Civil War Round Table UK / Book Review / The London Confederates

Although the British government declared its neutrality during the American Civil War, London nevertheless became an important center of Confederate overseas operations. This work examines the extensive Confederate activities in London during the war, including diplomacy, propaganda, purchasing for the Army and Navy, spying, the Erlanger Cotton Loan, and various business associations; reflections of the Civil War in British art and literature; and the extent of British support for the South. The characters behind these operations are brought to life in by John Bennett in this book. Appendices cover London firms with Confederate links, pro-Confederate publications, Confederate music published in London, the Southern lobby in Parliament, the Southern Independence Association, and the British Jackson Monumental Fund. The work also includes a chronology of events and a gazetteer of Confederate sites in London.

There is no doubt that this book will be viewed as a "tour de force" in years to come. There are many areas that make you want to read and research more. Surely the secret of a good book. A must for every member of the ACWRTUK.


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