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Missouri Guerrillas | Lincoln Makes A Speech | John Buford at Gettysburg


ollowing our AGM, we will return to the main event with our traditional mini-lectures. This year we bring two new speakers from our ranks and by popular request a member who never fails to bring a smile to our face with his particular twist on Civil War history.

John Buford at Gettysburg

Speaker: Ray Wilkinson

Ray Wilkinson is a new member to the Round Table He is a member of the Guild of Battlefield Guides. His talk will look at the actions of Buford (picture) at Gettysburg. Was he in the right place at the right time? Or was Heth just inept? Ray will link together the facts to see if we can agree.

Missouri Guerrillas

Speaker: Phil Alderton

Why did Missouri tear itself to pieces? How did the Union Army try to restore order among a hostile populace? How successfully did it deal with guerrilla activities?

Phil Alderton has been a member of the Round Table since 2007. His main interest is the political aspects of the American Civil War, but he is fascinated by all aspects of the war with a particular focus on the western campaign, especially Shiloh. He has tramped many battlefields in the US, the first being Fort Sumter when he was 9. He also re-enacts with the 18th Missouri Volunteer Infantry and has shouldered a musket on many occasions both here and in the US.

Lincoln Makes A Speech

Speaker: Roger Blake

This short presentation will try and sort the truth from the legends. How did the citizens of Gettysburg cope with the debris of war left behind? Roger will mention the personalities who organised the Gettysburg dedication. What was the press reaction North and South and why was Edward Everett more reviled in the South than Lincoln? Roger will try and include some human interest stories that historians are inclined to leave out. Finally Lincoln was fond of telling a story so he will conclude by telling of two internationally renowned thespians (sadly no longer with us) who for different reasons gave what can only be described as highly individual interpretations of the Gettysburg Address.

Roger Blake needs no introduction to our members, bon viveur, one time auctioneer and ex-bus driver. Roger never fails to find a new slant on an existing story.


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