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The Oxford Union Debates the American Civil War

By Philip Alderton

A selection of motions relating to the American Civil War (with thanks to the Library of the Oxford Union Society).

I have omitted amendments that were not carried by the House. Unfortunately, the Oxford Union's records only list the names of the speakers and on what side they spoke for; the speeches themselves are not transcribed (PA).

7 February 1861

That this House deeply regrets the present condition of the United States, and trusts that they may honourably avoid the evils of disruption

Ayes: 27 \ Noes: 19

21 February 1861

That it is the duty of England to intercept the squadrons on the southern coast of North America and to take all other means consistent with the principles of non-intervention for the suppression of slavery in South America

Ayes: 23 \ Noes: 7

6 June 1861

That slavery is not a real evil to Negroes

Ayes: 13 | Noes: 27

31 October 1861

That the conduct of the United States Government towards the seceded States is unwise and unjustifiable

Ayes: 9 | Noes: 12

12 December 1861

That every effort should be used to avoid a war with the Northern States of America

Ayes: 21 \ Noes: 15

6 February 1862

That while the recognition of the Southern States will probably be ere Dng inevitable, the time for such 3cognition has not yet arrived

Ayes: 19 | Noes: 14

23 October 1862

That the Emancipation of Slaves proclaimed by the Federal Government deserves the strongest reprobation from all Parties

Ayes: 32 \ Noes: 12

13 November 1862

That the time has now arrived when England may with propriety recognise the independence of the Confederate States of North America

Ayes: 16 \ Noes: 20

11 December 1862

That in any society or Body, a perception of its faults should lead members to endeavour to reform, and not to secede from that society

Ayes: 19 | Noes: 11

5 February 1863

That it is the duty of England to use every endeavour to prevent for the future the importation of slave-grown produce

Motion negatived without division

19 February 1863

That the moral support accorded by England to the Southern Confederacy is a disgrace to the Country

Ayes: 23 | Noes: 23

The President gave his casting vote in favour of the motion

17 November 1863 (adjourned) & 26 November 1863

That of the two contending states in North America the Southern Confederacy is most deserving of our sympathy

Ayes: 31 \ Noes: 25

25 February 1864

That the so-called policy of Non-intervention is alike ungenerous and impolitic

Ayes: 15 | Noes: 11

12 May 1864

That the Government systematically sacrifices the honour and interests of Englishmen to truckle the American Cabinet

Ayes: 13 \ Noes: 29

4 May 1865 (adjourned) & 11 May 1865

That this House deeply regrets the late successes of the Federal arms; and believes the triumphs of the Government of Washington to be fatal to the freedom of America

Ayes: 37 | Noes: 25

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